Great adventure travel spots in Australia

kakadu water fall gorge

While you are thinking about, making plans for and considering your next travel adventure bare in mind that different places suit various different types of people with different personalities. At the end of the day, everyone’s different and unique. The same goes for travel and especially adventure travel for that matter.

The big nature reserves of the land of Australia are truly spectacular. They are among the greatest of sights to see. Full of animals big and small and above all unique, they are definitely worth visiting. The locations we review in this here particular article make for an assured highlight of your entire life that won’t actually break the bank. Regardless of where ever you intend to go in the land of down under, the locations in this article simply will not demand too much of your savings to be able to check out and enjoy them.

The nature parklands of kakadu in the north territories

The Nature Parklands that comprise kakadu can be found in the north of Australia in a place called the north territories. You will find this particular place nestled among the alligator river network. Like a lot of names in Australia this version of the word derives from the Aborigine one which is spelled ‘Gaagudju’. This amazing place contains a multitude of some of the most valued indigenous art works in the world. In fact, it has been reported that approximately 500 to 1000 indigenous Australians still live in this area.

The nature reserve located in the lake of the mountain in st clare (Tasmanian nature reserve)

Right in the middle of the state of Tasmania in the south of Australia can be found the lake in the mountain of st clare. Originally this location was the place that people that loved mountain walking and sight seeing would go for a special experience. This mountain region is so full of myriad walking tracks and trails off the beaten track that you could literally spend many a month there without wanting to come home for a long time. It is full of picturesque views that you just can’t take your eyes off while you’re walking around there. The great thing about having so many different trails is that there are some that are suited to beginners who want a nice leasurely walk while the fit experienced ones can go for other gruelling ones as well. There are others for those of you who feel you may be somewhere in between. Some of you may be really daring and love to pump out some tough kilometers on foot. For you there is the notorious track that goes ‘overland’. It’s a six day non stop hike that is simply tough.

The Queensland located gorge of carnarvone

This gorge of carnarvon is located in a nature reserve in the North Eastern state of the Queensland. All up, it goes on and on for around about thirty kms. In addition, it is six hundred meters down as well! Well it’s certainly not a gorge for no reason. It is really deep. Amidst the depths of the gorge there are grand land forms and cliff tops to rival the grandest of the world. There’s also a host of animals and plants as well. It is more tropical and very green there.

The nature reserve of the wash pool located at the state of new south wales

What would an Australian travel blog be without articles and locations in new south wales. After all this is the state that contains the city of Sydney which is known throughout the world today. Also located there is the nature reserve of wash pool. It is a warm and sticky tropical nature forest full of rapids, water falls, wild life and plant life too.

Fancy a beer when you’re in Victoria – check out the pub down in Dunkeld

dunkeld tree

There’s a pub or as some would say ‘hotel’ down in a place just out of Melbourne, Victoria called dunkeld. The pub that is the talk of the town there is called the royal mail. As the locals would have it – ‘the mail’. It is a truly remarkable establishment full of flowing fresh beer and locally garnered and cooked fare. If you’re traveling Australia this is definitely a stop that should be in your itinerary. Back in the old days there was a hostel next to the pub where back packers could go. Now it has become a lodging for people who want to work on the sheep farm that is also located in the town.

From Melbourne it will take you around about three hours to get there by car. Along the way you are sure to be impressed with the truly iconic Australian scenery. The local town itself is a humble Aussie place. It is small and very friendly. It is a very common stop off point for people who are moving through to their final destination at the grampian national park.

In the local area there are a number of lodgings that will suit the fancies of many different types of people. however, one of the leaders of the bunch is the blue stone place right near to the pub. It is very warm in winter and can stay well cooled in the summer due to its very thick reinforced blue stone that takes any harsh weather thown at it making it a very pleasant lodging all year round. What is more, this place actually accepts your pets. So dog and cat lovers don’t worry about giving your loved on to a sitter or a kennel but take him or her with you and they’ll love you for it. The locals there love their animals and yours will be a welcome addition to a town that appreciates the tourism in the area. While stayin in this lodging you can also enjoy bed in breakfast, cooked dinners and lunches on tap. The food is warm and scrumptuous so you’ll surely be going back for more. Not only will you enjoy the sumptuous food but there’s a fire place to stand in front of, a verandar, a patio outside the back door, ensuites, bunk beds for the kids and more.

Another near by town that can then make for a great day trip is the wonderful portland heads. This place is very busy and as they say – never a dull moment when you’re down in Portland town. The main hub there that brings people to work live and play there is the port. It’s actually the elest one in the state. That means there’s a lot of historial artifacts to go and see. You may find something interesting if you’re the historical type. Though it’s old and traditional you’ll find great tasting coffee and food in the cafes and shops where you can buy all the nice things you need for your day trip. There is also a tram that has been operating there since the dawn of time. Take a ride on it and experience the flavour of the town that would have existed back a hundred years ago. It’s really as if nothing’s changed. What a gem. Then after the tram ride you can go down for a walk or swim in the fesh salt sea waters and sand on the beach there. If you brought your pets they’ll love going for a run around as well.